Battle of Music Industry with Piracy

Music industry faces a lot of piracy issues because people do not want to pay for the music online. They can find multiple sources where free music is available to download. Because of the piracy issue, the music industry faces a lot of loss per year.

There are some strategies which are followed by the music industry to stay protected from piracy as much as they can. The virtual private network service is one part of it to fight off piracy and worked through in most cases. The battle for piracy gets done through the programs awareness, high technology and the law against piracy.

There are business models which are provided for the music industry to keep their music safe. The last resort for it is dependent on the person who is in love with the music and would never go for the options of piracy, which is found less nowadays.

Strong IP

One of the popular ways for the music industry to fight off piracy is with the strong IP address. They have to work with the agencies of law enforcement to trace the piracy online. The litigations can be made strong with the help of the government for piracy.

The judiciary system plays a vital role in punishing the people indulged in piracy. When the right actions were taken against the big companies which run on piracy, there are failures for them in the end.

Identification of Traces

The collision of the two parties makes the music piracy occur. The person who provides the content which is illegal and the technologies which provide file sharing system. Tracing is done for both ends to remove the applications which have the access for illegal websites.


Another popular way which is used by the music industry are the campaigns. They hire popular celebrities to spread the message of saying no to piracy and following the right way of downloading music. There are campaigns in education which addresses the students of not the following piracy. The crime’s impact gets explained and how it affects the economy badly slowly.

Use of VPN is important too, but it can be pirated as well due to the high technology which hackers use. As the era of technology gets advanced, there is power acquired at the end of the hackers too.

Business Models

There are frequent changes in the business model of the music industry. The costs keep on fluctuating bought through iTunes. It is the cost which anyone can afford if they wish to purchase the music through iTunes which is legal. The services of streaming drive up to low costs to make sure that people follow the right path and do not go for piracy to download music which they love.

For the music lovers, there is a huge discount by the music industry to download music. Even if you download hundreds of songs to your list, you will not be charged more than $5 for the total. It is a strong war against the piracy which music industry struggles with every day.

There is not much earning on their end as they create and sell the music due to the actions of piracy all around the world. The action of piracy spread in different parts of the world, and the industry takes all the possible actions to defeat it.


The challenge yet remains with the music industry to drive people away from the pirated music towards the right way of acquiring it. The access to free music is available everywhere online, but it needs the wallets to make it right.

The ISP can view all the activities which a person does on the internet, and if required, the information gets shared with the third parties. The habits of browsing get recognized by the data which is collected by the ISP easily. It is better to keep the VPN service so that you can browse safely over the internet. The users are not aware of the background activities which may be occurring. So to be safe, it is required that VPN used for all kinds of browsing.

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